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H5P Course Presentation

H5P is a rapidly evolving modular suite of tools that can be easily configured to present information, single or short instructional units and even short courses within a single H5P module, including various interactive exercises and media. One big advantage of H5P is that it is easy to learn, can be used by anybody to develop teaching materials and does not need coding knowledge. The H5P Course Presentation module was specifically developed to allow a number of types of H5P presentation modules to be presented together to form a linear interactive course.

The example H5P Course Presentation below, I created as a demonstration piece to show and talk about each of the various types of activity and resources that can be incorporated into a single H5P Course Presentation.

To create H5P resources all that is required is either a platform that supports it such as Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, Blackboard, Brightspace and Canvas via the relevant integrations.

Image of the 6 logos for Moodle, WordPress, Drupal, Blackboard, Brightspace and Canvas content management systems.

However, H5P can be presented on any platform that allows iframes (in a similar way to a YouTube video). So if you don’t have access to any of the aforementioned learning/content management systems (CMS) you can create your own content on https://h5p.org/ and using the share link present it within an iframe where you want.

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