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ICT in Primary Education MOOC

Well this little corner of the web has been rather inactive… but then I’ve been busy looking after other things. However, things are happening and the potential for more posts. The main thing is the MOOC I’ve just started out… Continue Reading →

Firefox Add-ons revisted

One of the great things about Firefox and its community of developers is the sheer number of additional applications you can add which extend Firefox’s features ( You can also pick and choose those which suit your needs best. So… Continue Reading →

Dyslexia myth or reality?

I was prompted to write this following the comments by Labour backbench MP Graham Stringer who claimed dyslexia is a myth invented by education chiefs to cover up poor teaching methods ( Now a lot has already been said about… Continue Reading →

Learning Objectives: failure or saviour?

I was debating whether to use this title or Quis custodiet ipsos custodes? (Who watches the watcher?), the latter title only explains why Learning Objectives is currently failing the education system in the UK. Learning Objectives define what a learner… Continue Reading →

Geotagging privacy?

Geotagging: The process of adding location information in the form of latitude and longitude to media allows others to identify where the photo was taken. Here’s a thought: Geotagging is getting popular for instance Google Maps which shows photos taken… Continue Reading →

TIP: Anonymising Comments in Word

Microsoft Word 2003 and 2007 both have this great little feature… the ability to comment on sections of text or in fact any content in a Word Document. This is great when you want to comment on somebody else’s work… Continue Reading →

Tip: Firefox 3.0, add-ons and Skype

Firefox 3.0 has been officially released ( and apart from being much faster at rendering web pages and images, has a whole host of neat features and advantages. If you haven’t tried Firefox yet instead of Internet Explorer this release… Continue Reading →


Just came a across a very cool gadget for anybody using Firefox (2.0 or now 3.0), PicLens ( It’s a simple addon that for certain websites where there is a lot of images, such as photos or videos, allows you… Continue Reading →

Passwords and security

Doing a recent survey of the type of password that children use*, it was interesting to see that most are savvy about their passwords and in some respects forced me to revise my own ideas about the whole issue  of… Continue Reading →

Audio Tags, Searching and Zotero

Stumbled across a number of interesting sites today while searching for an audio tagging tool… and quickly realised that audio tagging can mean several things. Most often its associated with the ID3 tags associated with MP3 files such as artist,… Continue Reading →

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